the world of mu evo

Right after starting my bachelor's studies at my university, there was a 1-day workshop where lecturers were teaching Scratch, an IDE developed by the MIT to create games and applications runnable in their webpage as well as in desktop by defining the functions and commands in a sort of a puzzle.

After playing with some basic projects, I decided to implement a Scratch version of a game I used to play when I was a kid called Mu Online, by WebZen. I implemented the monsters' random movements and attacks, equip items such as armours and weapons, combine items and move between worlds. Unfortunately, back then, Scratch didn't support the clonation or duplication of objects (such as for the monsters and items) reason I decided to discontinue the project and continue with Java development. The game can still be accessed here. You can also try it below, however, Flash should be enabled in order to run it.

Use the arrows to move, the cursor to open menus from the bottom bar and attack with the space bar (you need to select a spell from the option to the left of the magnifier at the bottom bar).

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  1. Choose the difficulty
  2. Check your stats and inventory to equip weapons
  3. Battle monsters using magic that you can learn depending on your stats and level
  4. Walk around worlds and maps to discover new places
  5. Access to new worlds if you have the level required
  6. Combine items to increase their levels or create new items
  7. Shop items, weapons and potions that will help you in your journey
  8. Battle monsters to level up and power up your stats

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