haunted house

Haunted House is a VR horror game developed for one of the modules attended at University of Westminster, London, UK, during my master's degree.

It was developed using Unity 3D and tested through HTC VIVE and its objective is to walk around the room, grab items and search using a flashlight.

It's a escape-room game which consists in walking around mysterious rooms, solving puzzles and running away from monsters.

The project had the objective of investigating and earning of experience and knowledge in developing a virtual reality game in Unity using the HTC VIVE. Moreover, it was designed to help understanding and to research about the cases in which users interact in a virtual environment where they need to physically move (walk) in order to play the game.

It was more focused on the solution to specific problems and User Experience (UX) rather than on its User Interface (UI) implementation; most of the game objects and animations were used from available resources.

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