fifa world cup demo

For one of my jobs' interviews I was requested to develop any application that would be displaying my skills as an Android developer in 48 hours. In this case, I decided to implement a football scores application from scratch for the FIFA World Cup 2018 due to its popularity at the moment I developed the app.

With it, I was able to show my skills to consume a web API from a football provider to display the list of matches played (or going to play) for the FIFA World Cup including the scores, match stage, date, countries names and referees. The access to this API was done using Retrofit.

The basic information, such as scores and countries, were displayed in a RecyclerView with 3 different types of items: group stage, knock-out stage and final stage. Animations were added to the items' display as well as for moving and deleting them. When selecting an item, a new Activity is launched to show more details about it including penalties and referees.

Custom toolbars are used to show a preview of the tournament logo and to improve the UI with their fade-in/fade-out animations as well as loading animations when asynchronously retrieving the data from the internet and showing error messages.

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