rpg mobile demo

It's a matter of fact that I love Role Playing Games, not only playing them but also developing them. They have always been projects I would work on as a hobby and I'm always willing to learn new ways to implement them, not only as the logic behind in the backend (such as class relationships, algorithms and database definition) but also in the frontend for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

At first, I tried to adapt the games with the knowledge I had to implement them, such as with Scratch (project The World of Mu Evo) or my first attempts with Java (project The World of Mu) with JFrames. As my development experience grew up, I started to adapt my skills to fulfill my games expectations. This particular project, a RPG demo developed for Android, was an attempt to improve the UI and UX by having buttons for the character's movement and using sprite sheets for the animations. Moreover, to prevent the user stepping over obstacles (such as rocks, trees, hills, etc.), a pixel recognition algorithm was implemented where the background image was linked to a pixel definition image (black - obstacle, white - can step over, and blue - teleportation to another place).

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